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opened a ticket, no response?

Level 2
I opened a ticket a few days ago, the 16th in the middle of the day. its just about the 20th now, whats taking so long? x.x
Pending: September 16th Ready: October 22nd Processing October 22nd (Litterally 1 hour later) Shipped: nope

Level 15
Yeah, I apologize for the delay. Honestly we've had a higher than normal support ticket volume so responses take a little longer than normal. Typically we were replying within 1-2 business days but lately this has slipped a bit.

We are still answering tickets, and we have a larger support team than ever. We will also continue expanding the team, so this won't be an issue for too much longer. In the meantime, please be patient. We haven't forgot about you.
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Level 2
It took about a week for response on my ticket. Once they did respond the support was excellent and fast. My replacement DK2 is due tomorrow.

Overall I think the support Oculus is giving is excellent considering the support is for developer kits they've sold to tens of thousands people at not much higher than cost.

If your experience is like mine even if it takes them a few more days to get back to you, once they do they will work professionally to resolve the issue quickly. Hope things work out and you're not out of the game for too long.