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"Mervils: A VR Adventure" is now Available! (Here's some Tip's and Camera Mode options)


Hey guys, Mervils (Early Access) is an Exploration Platformer featuring puzzles, quests, and beautiful sights with both first and third-person gameplay.

For you to enjoy Mervils to fullest it’s worth playing around with all the different gameplay & camera settings within the game before you jump in.


Comfortable Camera Mode Settings

Mervils can be played in either “Standing/ Roomscale” or Sitting” position with 4 camera modes:

#1 Nice and Comfortable! 3rd-person + “Blink” Movement + “Snap Rotation”

Overall Mervils is a very comfortable game no matter what setting due to the natural camera speed but the “Standing Gameplay” option will be most comfortable for 99% of players.

This camera mode uses a double “blink” setup where the player can move their character and “blink” to his/her position without any artificial movement. Secondly, the Right-Stick will snap around the character instead of smoothly rotating giving the same “blink” like effect!

# 2 Smooth and Comfortable! 3rd-person + “Smooth Camera Follow”+ “Snap Rotation”

This setup removes the “Blink” function to follow your character throughout the Mervil worlds. Instead, the camera will smoothly follow your character as you run. For most Rift users this will still be a very comfortable experience and may even heighten the immersion within the game.


#3 Moderately Comfy! 3rd person + “Smooth Camera Follow” + “Smooth Rotation”

This setup removes both “blink” options from your character and allows you to smoothly follow and smoothly rotate around your character. The smooth following camera shouldn’t induce any motion sickness but the “smooth rotation” around the character may for some players.

#4 A First-person adventure!

This setup won’t be comfortable for many but the people that like it, love it! So we’ve decided to keep it in for everyone with the strongest VR legs! Just press “X” to enable first-person mode when you have “smooth camera follow” enabled.


Feel free to ask us any questions about the game in this post!


I've thoroughly enjoyed going between Option 2 and First Person View. I had a special moment when I was in First Person View and jumped on a big mushroom. My stomach woke up mighty quick.

Falling from the Tight Rope is pretty hilarious, I love the sound the avatar makes. Although my ego is slightly bruised considering the lengthy history I have in competitive play with games like StarCraft, Dark Age of Camelot, BattleField 1942... yet I can't get my Mervil across a windy tightrope 😐

Haha first person is intense, but I also love it! There's a bit a trick to the tightrope (but we may end up making it easier in the next update regardless haha). Glad you're enjoying it! 

Expert Protege
Great work so far. this is going to be awesome when its finished 🙂

Thanks man, Yes, we're planning on making the next levels even better!

Would anyone know since this game is unfinished when the final levels appear will u have to pay for all the game or less money just for an update?

Hey man, no you won't have to pay more, you'll receive all levels and all updates for the game! Cheers

Just bought.

Honored Guest
Hey guys, great game, might I ask a question? The Oculus version is extremely awesome, problem is I know someone who got it for his PsVr wanting to try 1st person perspective, problem is that the 1st person perspective option is missing; now his somewhat desperate, crazy really,  😞  what should I tell him? Am a little confused as to why it has 1st person compatibility on Oculus and not Ps4. Anyways any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! :smile: