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Level 2
Just received an oculus go for Christmas and would like to use a usb for storage. Looking on the go site it seems fairly simple but I don't have the usb option on my headset. I have a fat32 32 gb otg sandisk stick which is certified as otg. I have emailed oculus support but the service ticket is stioo open with no response. Anyone know if the usb option is available yet?

Level 4
Yes, according to this support info it should work:

But I can't get it to work either.  Not with a FAT32 OTG flash drive and a full battery.  The GO recognizes the stick.  And will even reformat it if I stick it in with a format other than FAT32.  But no app, including Gallery, can actually see the stick or any content on it.

Something is wrong.

I've also contacted Oculus support.  Will post back here if they respond.