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Expert Protege

Saw a youtube video with a gentlemen talking about leaked info for V38 and how it may be skipped for v39. My thought is why is v38 and v39 even a thought when we still dont have fixes for v37 and still dont have all that was promised in that update. Let alone a fix or support for Windows 11. You would think making v37 100% would be the priority. 

I mean I dont even use the Horizon worlds/venue/workrooms apps much, I log into worlds when there is an update hope that they make it better, hoping for better avatar customization options and more clothing choices. hoping we can ditch the Cartoon Network look or atleast allow us to import our own avatars from OBJ options or something so we are walking around looking like characters who belong on Saturday morning cartoons.



I get how its confusing, frustrating that the updates, come in waves: You don't get all the features up front...... and have to wait for an undetermined amount of time for it to be your turn to get both the HMD update, and the windows app update (if you pcvr).  


BUT I will say this: all the new features they add in the world don't really matter to a lot of us, who have been complaining about Windows 11 compatibility for months now, and not a peep from them on when that will happen. As far as I'm concerned they should be dedicating their engineering team to resolving this issue first and foremost, and if it takes v37/38/39 or v59 to make it should be a the top of the priority list. 

I have a sinking suspicion however, that quest 2 will never receive Windows 11 compatibility, and it will be the next device released that will be Windows 11 compatible and the Quest 2 will be left in the dust..... *I TRULY HOPE I"M WRONG ABOUT THIS*


Expert Protege

Updates coming in waves is one thing but it's been quite a while since v37 has been released and a lot of us are still having the issues of v37 and no fixes, so not only have we YET got a fix nor any status update as to if a fix is made but their talking about v38 and v39 before giving us a fix let along giving us the rest of the features promised in v37 is not a good thing. the windows 11 thing is included with that too, I mean it's like we all are eating soup and they are giving us a fork to eat with.

@soulburn74  Even though I'm still win10, without any problems, I think that win11 compatibility should be a priority over +v37 updates. 

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I know the updates come in waves, but it feels like sometimes some of us get "forgotten", we are still stuck in the bugged version of the v.37, while others and enjoying 39 already. and is not like I don't use the glasses every single day. meanwhile the apps both in the phone and pc get updated and when you try using the features you get informed that you can´t use it before your glasses are not the same update as the apps. so... yeah... I guess I'm gonna have to wait around 6 month, before getting the newest updates like it happen with v.34...