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video test pattern to see godrays

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on my gear vr the sbs 3d videos go in this folder;
- Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Oculus\Movies\3D

i dont know the rift folder to watch the 3d sbs video in, or the app the rift uses to watch videos.

depending on the video player you want to use either video file to see the video in 16 9 aspect ratio. in the gear vr oculus video app the half resolution displays as 16 9 aspect ratio, but the same file in the gear vr samsung gallery app displays as not 16 9 aspect ratio, for the samsung gallery you need o use the full resolution video to see the video in 16 9 aspect ratio.

i wrote about how the fresnel lenses have a inner circle that is what the eye sees the video with;

how you use the video file is you play the video, watch it until the green screen goes away and you see the pattern, then pause the video and the pause screen so you just see the pattern, but its paused.

then you look at the corners of the pattern, and rotate your head around, so your eyes look at the four corners of the picture.

what you should see, if the circle in the fresnel lens is making the picture blurry outside of the clear center circle, is the corners should be smeared and not separate lines, when your not looking directly at the corner.

then depending on the angle this blur gets worse or better. it has a effect that people call god rays.
its just because of the fresnel lens having a small circle in the lens that is actually clear.

edit you need to see the four corners of the video pattern, so resize the screen in the oculus video app if your using the gear vr to see the entire screen.

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Thanks for this - interesting to see the issues highlighted.

I'm really following up to suggest that the Unreal logo as shown at the start of the Showdown demo is an aggravatingly good godray demonstrator! Got a lot of comments when I was demoing my CV1 to people...

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any feedback? anybody try it out on their rift, does the unreal test pattern show you some artifact like blur or god rays? i watch the videos on the void cinema setting in oculus video app on the gear vr 2016 model and i see some blur definitely in the unreal test pattern.

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these test patterns test for video ghosting;

to use the videos, they are in 16 9 aspect ratio so whichever video works as 16 9 aspect ratio in your video player. 
just keep your eyes straight forward and roll your head around and see the pattern with your peripheral vision.

shake your head back and forth, it doesnt work too good if you stop moving your head you need to keep your head bobbing to see the pattern show ghosting. i see it bad on my s7 phone on my gear vr 2016 model.