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will DK2 come out any sooner because of this?

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I know this is wishful thinking but it would really be great if some way DK2 could come out sooner. after all that really is the next big step for Oculus getting DK2 out as soon as possible so that we can work with the new hardware. Please strongly consider using some of your investment to get the ball rolling sooner on that as facebook stated "they like to get things moving fast" and thats why the buyout happend in 3 days instead of three months. So if thats the case why not get the DK2 production moving along a bit faster and let us get our hands on the new shiney units?

because to be honest and i say this even before the facebook news......the problem is that now for 4 months you are not going to be introudcing any new rifts into the development community so any new development is kinda on a hold. and also for things like positional tracking which i would imagine really needs to be seen and tested in the new rift to proper impliment in games/demos.


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It's already out for preorder. What do you mean by will it come out?

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According to Cyberality DK2 is set in stone and nothing should change, fb or no fb, but as you say, an earlier release could help with the hatetrain
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i think he means delivered to people who pre-ordered them... i don't think anyone knows, but i really doubt it...

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"Herolord" wrote:
It's already out for preorder. What do you mean by will it come out?

he likely means production, it's currently up for pre-order but it won't ship until July