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App Lab Submission Approval

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I previously uploaded an app on App Lab. It got flagged on one of the tests.  Essentially, the test assumes I'm making a certain type of app. The app I uploaded is not of that type. The approval team and I spoke and got it resolved. It took over a month but we got there.

I uploaded another app. Got flagged the same way.  It is the exact same issue we resolved last time but with a new app. I intend to upload more apps which will most likely go through the same process. 

Reached out to the approval team. It's been a month and a half and no response. Can someone help?



Hello , me too since 1 month i waiting approval submission for app lab. 

I work harder to create this application. it is a great tool but anybody can use it for the moment. 


How many time they need ? i read thay review in 4 or 5 days. it really strange ! Please Meta team submission. Review our app please !