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Beta Cast 2.0 display scaling issue

Honored Guest

I've been testing the Cast 2.0 beta in the current Developer Hub version, and aside from a little bit more noticeable latency, there's just one big problem.  I have a large high res primary monitor, and so for usability have the Windows display scaling on it set to 200%.  Unfortunately, 2.0 Beta gets picked up on that, and the window actually only shows the top left quarter of the full view.  It pulls up fine if I set my system level scaling down to 100% before launching the 2.0 cast, even if I then change my scaling back up, but if I start it at 200% it's zoomed in.  Tried manually setting the overrides in the properties for both the cast exe and the hub exe but neither seemed to work no matter what I set it to.  This is on Windows 10 Home, casting off a Quest 3.


Expert Protege

+1 to this. It's weird that Windows Scaling picks up on this, can we get a fix for this? Am on Win 11 and same issue


Thanks for reporting. The scaling issue should be fixed in the latest release of MQDH (v4.2.0).