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Introducing the New Oculus Developer Center

Oculus Staff

Hi everyone, 

  Today we launched an update to the Oculus developer site and documentation. You can read more about it in the blog post.  The team hopes the new site will be fast, easier to navigate, and generally a beautiful experience. 


We want to hear from YOU about the new experience. What do you like? What could we improve? We'll continue to improve the site over time as we strive to improve the development experience.




Expert Protege

The page loading speed has definitely improved.
I noticed changing the localization settings (in the bottom right corner of the page) doesn't work and I get the error "GraphQL server responded with error 1675030."

Ack! Thanks for letting us know. I've passed it along to the team. After a moment it redirected for me so I hope you aren't blocked from getting the info you need.


The Unity related documentation should state what release the instructions were written and tested using so the reader can have some indication of how stale the content is likely to be (using the current Unity 2020.3 LTS I don't recall the last page of the Developer documentation I read that didn't have some inconsistency).