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Meta XR Simulator - Record/Replay feedback

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I'm trying to use the simulator to do a simple automation of certain tests in my project and find the experience a bit lacking.

1. First big thing is that I would really love to be able to record inputs directly from my Quest connected through Link. There is a few complex two-handed gestures that are really hard to execute using mouse and keyboard (and I doubt the XBOX controller would change much)

2. Choosing the record/replay file is very confusing. Especially when I want to replay several different files in a row. When I select the file to replay (after pressing press the ... button), the dialog asks me if I want to overwrite the file, which I obviously don't, but I actually have to select Yes to proceed.

3. Another big thing. The recordings don't seem to be 100% repeatable? Or do not store data in absolute format? Or actually do?
The thing is that I want to replay a sequence of recordings. So Rec1 is selection and pressing of START button in main lobby, which would load a new scene. Rec2a start in that new scene and is a recording of walking from spawn point to location A. Rec2b is walking from spawn point to location B (recorded in the second run of the app).
Rec1 usually works fine,
Rec2a and Rec2b start with the player rotated 60 (or 90?) degrees to one side and then seem to be repeating the input sequence properly.
The ability to run these recordings in separation is the most important aspect of this tool as without it testing interactions is MUCH easier using Link.