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Mixed reality capture issue Quest 2

Honored Guest

Hello, I have a Problem with MRC Tool. Inzried to Setup everything as it is discribed in thr Manual of the meta Website. 

I use the Quest 2, a greenscreen, a powerful PC and a Webcam. 

Calibration works fine. But when I Go to OBS ans want to start the capturing, OBS will Not connect to my Quest and a failure appears which says: please verify the Quest IP address and If mrc enabled Game is running... 


I tried it with Beatsaber and superhot but both werent working. 


What s the Problem Here ?


Please Help





It seems the new version for Beatsaber and superhot don't support Mixed reality capture. 

Can that be? Isn't there an other solution which I can try? Beatsaber on Steam VR Supports IT as well. Why Not the Quest Version ?

it supports steam version.