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OVR Metrics Tool CSV file not accessible from PC


Hello, i am using the OVR Metrics tool with a Quest 3 and Meta Developer Hub.

I've recorded metrics of my game and i would like to import the CSV files in my data sheets but i can't.

I can see the files, but if I try to copy the file from Quest 3 to my PC i obtain an Unspecified error. It seems something related to permissions or 0x80004005 error.

Even Meta Quest Developer Hub and SideQuest can't copy or access the files.

Inside the quest, opening the OVRMetrics tool i can see that files are there and i can open them.

From PC I can access any other files inside the Quest 3 such as videos, photos etc. and i can copy the other files without any problems. Only the metrics .CSV are affected by the issue.

Please help me. Thank you.


P.S. with Quest 2 everything works as expected.


Honored Guest

I'm having the same issue. Pulling them using `adb` also does not work and reports `remote open failed: Permission denied`.

Did you manage to solve it? Without access to the files, the feature is broken/useless.