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Oculus Developer Hub can't find headset

Level 2
ODH can't find my headset..
Works with the OculusClient without any problems and detects the headset instantly..
Latest ADB is installed
Deveoper mode is enabled..

In the docs, it says when connected to PC, you should get a message in headset to connect to PC..
I only get the Oculus Link (beta) message..

Anyone got a clue..


Level 3
Hi Soren, What happens when you decline Oculus Link?

Level 2


Level 2


Level 2

same problem here. stuck here forever. restarting pc and headset does not help.stuck here forever. restarting pc and headset does not help.

Level 2

ok, you need to verify your developer account either by giving a payment method or a phone number. then you are able to turn on developer mode and all of a sudden ODH sees your headset.

Level 4

hi there, i have the same Problems... tested it with two quest 2, both show up within the oculus tool for games and such and developer mode is enabled...

Level 7

Check if your device shows up when running "adb devices". If it doesn't show there, it definitely won't work in ODH. You must have a dev account, and not have any non-dev accounts on the headset.


I had an issue the other day with multiple accounts. When I added a non-dev account, I could no longer connect. Once I removed that account it worked again.

Sadly the device is being listed under adb devices, I can also access the memory and such 😕 I also don’t have any other accounts than my developer account

Did you find any solution to this? I have my dev account verified through phone number. Its connecting to Oculus PC app but not to ODH.