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Oculus Developer Hub can't find headset

Level 2
ODH can't find my headset..
Works with the OculusClient without any problems and detects the headset instantly..
Latest ADB is installed
Deveoper mode is enabled..

In the docs, it says when connected to PC, you should get a message in headset to connect to PC..
I only get the Oculus Link (beta) message..

Anyone got a clue..


Level 2

same here.


just got quest 2, merged my oculus account from the cv1 with a fffffff......ace. book. account. Yuck. went to the settings in the oculus android app, found the developer mode selection, but the only option is learn more, and it opens a webpage telling me how to go through the steps of enabling dev mode. the trillion videos and articles show a big easy button to slide on or off. i dont see that, ever. i do the things in all the threads, vids, and articles i have found. i have the adb drivers installed, i make a dev name, i give.... fffffffffffff.........ace. book. my phone number, and i am labeled as verified with a green check mark. i even give face freaking book my payment data, just to make sure they cant keep me from the dev mode that everyone else seems to use without issue. still, the only option is learn more, and it opens a webpage telling me how to go through the steps of enabling dev mode. i never see the simple slider to enable the mode. i continue by factory resetting the quest 2, wiping the data from the oculus app on the android phone before uninstalling the app, reinstall the app, setup the quest 2 again, rinse and repeat 6 times. it took from 2am to 6am, and sucked. im verified, both ways. im up to date.


i have not had any luck getting ODH to connect to the quest 2 either, which has been suggested in forums as the solution to this issue, and that looked like it came straight from the ol zuck with fancy green "resolved" lettering, so i am concerned a "fix" for whatever this is is not truly a fix yet.


did i miss something? am i a blockhead?


has anyone found a way to change the voice of the oculus assistant? the test audio for each voice includes the line "you can always change this later in the settings", but the only way i have found to change it is to uninstall the voice command update or factory reset the quest 2?


does anyone know why robo recall looks so janky using the oculus branded link cable with my gaming pc and the quest 2? the cv1 runs it like a stick of butter pressed through a screen door on a hot alabama summers day, and it looks better to boot. the quest 2 makes the enemies more than 2 meters away look like they were rendered with an atari.


it forgets where the guardian settings were, sometimes the screen just goes grey and i have to hard reset. i am not new to technology, but this thing seems extremely buggy, and unfinished.


does anyone know how to enable dev mode, beyond all the steps i crudely listed here?

This was my issue too I think. As soon as I added a second account I could no longer do dev stuff despite there still being an area for it in the Quest 2's settings. Removing the second user didn't fix it sadly and I'm still trying to figure it out. I've rebooted both computers.

The solution was re-adding it to ODH, despite there already being an entry for it. Removing the old entry wasn't necessary.