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Oculus Developer Hud Casting just says connecting

Level 3

When trying to cast my Oculus Quest 2 to my pc/laptop, I connect via the official; Oculus Link cable, however, pressing "cast " in ODH , I get a new screen where it just says connecting. In the headset, I confirm all the check boxes asking if I want to allow file sharing. Looking back at the Cast on my PC, it still says connecting, I ended up waiting for a while and the screen never changes. The ODH tool and my Quest 2 are both updated to the latest version. I prefer to use this method of casting as the private link to cast to a chrome browser doesn't work properly. ODH casting worked for me in the past on later versions of ODH and Quest 2  software, but for some reason it does not work now.


Anyone have the same issue?

Any work-arounds?


Level 3

Same issue here, try downgrading to ODH 1.8.0, that's what I'm doing till they fix it.

Level 3

Are you using another copy of `abd` or the chrome developer tools at the same time?

If so, they might conflict.

Level 3

I'm developing on Quest with Unity so I'm using its adb version and set the same in ODH ADB Path settings to avoid constant "adb version mismatch" issues. Just to add info to this issue, now also the Proximity Sensor switch is stuck on Loading... no matter if I restart the device or the PC.

Hi! Thank you for reporting this. This is a known issue and we plan to ship a fix in the next release (less than 2 weeks). You can also try logging your account on/off. Apologies for that inconvenience!