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Oculus Logo Marketing Assets disappeared from documentation.


I'm trying to find the official oculus and oculus store logo asset files (complying with but it looks like the zip folder with all logos that oculus used to have available on their documentation is no longer there. Does anyone know where I can find those files and does anyone at Oculus know that this is no longer available?


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any updates on this?

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Meta is no longer using the Oculus branding. You can get Meta Quest assets here:


Click Download > Meta Quest

Hi, Something to mention,
That page redirects me to a 404 Page site like "This page isn't available". (It's a 404? or do I need some kind of permission?)
Second, If my product is not targeting Quest 2 but Oculus Desktop (PCVR) (Tethered Platform)
(In fact, All the development was done in a Rift S)
Third, I asked for a submission using e-mails from some old guideline documents and I don't get any answers. (Probably since 6 weeks more or less)

Why do I just have a Quest 2 version?
Easy, I don't have one, I don't know anyone that has one who could lend me and I don't expect to buy one but I get some kind of income.

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I'd expect even PCVR would be branded as Quest 2 at this point. Rift and Rift S are no longer sold, so it's essentially a Quest 2 over Link title. I suggest submitting a support ticket to confirm this. 


The link above is weird. I can navigate to that page through a few other pages, but can't go to the url directly. Try this: 

  • Go to
  • Click "Choose Brand" > Meta
  • Scroll down and click "Learn more" under Sub brands
  • Scroll down and click "Sub-brand logos" 
  • Click Download > Meta Quest