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Ongoing Cloud Storage Issues

Oculus Staff

EDIT 10/29: We announced a new version of cloud storage called Cloud Backup which will release later this year. Please see our announcement blog post and our FAQ. More documentation will be shared closer to the feature's release.


We recommend all developers not use the Oculus platform’s current Cloud Storage service (v2) as it is causing some applications to not launch. If you are using Cloud Storage v2, you can disable it in the Developer Dashboard.


Steps to Disable:

  1. Go to Platform Services and click the “View” button on the “Cloud Storage" tile. 
  2. In the “Key Value Storage” tab, click ‘Clear All’ if needed. 
  3. In the “File Storage” tab, click “Disable File Storage V2”, then “Disable”.

You’ll know you’ve successfully disabled Cloud Storage if, in the Platform Services page, the Cloud Services tile now has an “Add Service” button.


Thank you!


Expert Protege

Why would you depreciate something without having a replacement at the ready?


ive had so many issues with my device and OS updates that supports first go to is factory resetting. I have had to factory reset on average almost once a month at this point. 

Know what happens to games that don’t have cloud storage and I lose my progress? They go die in my library graveyard but not after I leave a one star review being angry about how cloud save isn’t enabled.


im happy y’all are working on a replacement but you are costing devs poor reviews and possible refunds. 

im tired of losing all my data but I’d appreciate having access to my current data on apps that have it - especially since I’ll likely have to factory reset for v32 when it inevitably ends up on my headset. 

Honored Guest

Hi zztarg, our app relies on cloud v2 to store all users stats, I'm reluctant to just disable it as users will lose their progress if reinstalling or upgrading device. This was also a requirement to get through oculus QA.


Any other suggestions? When will v3 be out?






Not applicable

Hey ,


I am trying to disable Cloud Storage v2 and I'm following the above instructions but when I click on "File Storage" tab it does nothing. Any support is appreciated.




How much longer do you anticipate that it will take to complete the cloud project? 

Oculus Staff

The original post has been updated to include details about Cloud Backup, our new cloud storage system launching later this year that will back up device app data. Please see our announcement blog post and our FAQ. More documentation will be shared closer to the feature's release.

Great to hear that, and looking forward to it!

Regarding migrating to the new system on existing apps, and making sure users don't lose data: what should apps that are currently storing files in the folder returned by GetUserDirectoryPath() do? Will that folder still be a valid sync location under Backup, or do we need to handle this by having the app itself copy the old save files to a new (backed up) location?