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Passthrough API - Request for Developer Feedback

Oculus Staff

Mixed Reality is an exciting frontier for Oculus and developers are key to bringing new and robust MR experiences to the ecosystem. We want to understand the value that our recently released Passthrough API is providing for you, how we could improve it and what new use cases we can unlock for you going forward. Please submit feedback in the form linked below if you'd like to help us improve this API for the community. Thanks!


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Hey James, I work at Logitech and we've been using the API. There is a permissions issue with the form. See error below. You can be ping me directly using: akehoe at logitech dot com if needed. 


Error: You need permission. This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

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For is still not accessable from outside your organization.

I am so sorry for the delay - this should now be resolved.

Thank you for following up - this should now be resolved.


I just started to work with development on the Quest for a business application I have in mind.
Regarding this question, there are a few points which should get improved (sorted by priority):

  1. A way to e.g. read QR codes from displays shown in pass-through. There are two use-cases which are important to give users a convinient and thus welcomed path to AR for this from my side:
    1. Detect a hyper-link for remote desktop access to the display I am seeing to then render it in the Quest
    2. Pairing with services.
  2. Some integration to your room setup, so people can improve the placement of objects in the app. When something is not placed good and you basically have to go out, delete the object and fully recreate it, with the risk of making it worse, this is demotivating people from adopting the technology.
  3. Some furniture have doors and for sure there are doors themselves, which can be open or closed. Would be helpful to detect this ... and for sure allow multi-room-scale through open doors.
  4. An example combing e.g. scene manager and the interaction SDK, probably also others.

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The biggest thing that I'd like to change with passthrough is allowing it over link not only for developers but also for players. Considering the direction the quest 3 will be taking I sincerely hope this is already in the works as XR/MR is my primary focus as a developer. I know many others feel the same and opening this up would allow meta to stay competitive in the PCVR space going forward while also remaining the best all around platform for developers. Currently the only way to use passthrough with PCVR is to use ALVR/ALXR which uses a basic clientside chroma key implementation and requires the scene to have a black background. Frankly this method is very hacky and not ideal at all but it gives a tantalizing glimpse at the possibilities. 


It would also be great if once implemented for PCVR the API could interact with the steamvr OpenXR driver to provide even better compatibility, but this is a far lower priority