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Passthrough API - Request for Developer Feedback

Oculus Staff

Mixed Reality is an exciting frontier for Oculus and developers are key to bringing new and robust MR experiences to the ecosystem. We want to understand the value that our recently released Passthrough API is providing for you, how we could improve it and what new use cases we can unlock for you going forward. Please submit feedback in the form linked below if you'd like to help us improve this API for the community. Thanks!


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Hey James, I work at Logitech and we've been using the API. There is a permissions issue with the form. See error below. You can be ping me directly using: akehoe at logitech dot com if needed. 


Error: You need permission. This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

Level 2

For is still not accessable from outside your organization.

I am so sorry for the delay - this should now be resolved.

Thank you for following up - this should now be resolved.