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RenderDoc Meta Fork v55.0 does not show Tile Timeline or Tile Browser for UE 5.2 builds

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I have an application in Unreal Engine 5.2. When I try and view a captured frame, I do not get any information in the Tile Timeline. It appears to load the capture fine, and I get information in the Timeline, Event Browser and other windows.

I get the the following error at the end of the log:

Android 1469 09:54:25 vk_counters.cpp(1361) Error Failed to retrieve vulkan renderstage trace results.

Here is the full log for context (username and serial numbers have been sanitized):

Is this a known issue? Is there any known way to resolve it? Any help in getting the Tile Timeline and Tile Browser working would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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Hi! Please post a solution if you've found it. Facing similar problem on our side.
Android PID 12785: [17:03:42] vk_counters.cpp(1356) - Error - Failed to retrieve vulkan renderstage tracing results.


I'm having the same problem. Using Unity 2022.3.14f1, Vulkan, and the Oculus Integration v59 on a Quest 3. Everything works fine, except for the Tile Timeline or Tile Browser.

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¿Did someone find a solution? I think this is crucial for addressing GPU profiling problems in a quick view.