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Resolving Steam Issues / Rift Link Failings and character height in games and in the Quest Menu


I have had my Quest 3 for around 3 weeks. During that time I've had some really engaging experiences. However, that engagement has been obliterated by the utterly frustrating experience I've had trying to resolve issues with the Steam drivers and the basic instructions for the Quest for such things as the height of the your character in the Quest menus.

I wanted to play with the Rift Link option to maximise the gaming experience. I have had so many hours of frustrating problems with the Steam VR app and the Rift Link. I cannot believe that there has been what seems to be zero effort on behalf of the Meta team to troubleshoot and resolve the integration problems with what is always going to be your largest immediate potential market. I am on the verge of returning the device it's been so problematic. I've spent about 4 hours gaming and about 30 hours trying to assist your team in trying to resolve why my device is not working. I hate this device now. Please spend more time testing and resolving issues with Steam and the Steam drivers.