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Passthrough API - Request for Developer Feedback

Mixed Reality is an exciting frontier for Oculus and developers are key to bringing new and robust MR experiences to the ecosystem. We want to understand the value that our recently released Passthrough API is providing for you, how we could improve ...

Ongoing Cloud Storage Issues

EDIT 10/29: We announced a new version of cloud storage called Cloud Backup which will release later this year. Please see our announcement blog post and our FAQ. More documentation will be shared closer to the feature's release. We recommend all dev...

Zztarg by Oculus Staff
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Introducing the New Oculus Developer Center

Hi everyone, Today we launched an update to the Oculus developer site and documentation. You can read more about it in the blog post. The team hopes the new site will be fast, easier to navigate, and generally a beautiful experience. We want to hear ...


Hello! My account was hacked. I have a block for a week. Who can help me? I need it for my work

Meta Quest Developer Hub White Screen, Doesn't Load

Whenever I open the app, the window hangs on a white screen and never loads the app. I've tried all versions of the Developer Hub app for Mac, they all give me the same bug. I'm using a 2013 Mac Pro and running Monterey v12.6.1I've uninstalled each t...

Movies in VR

Is there a tool or code or anything where I can put a movie on a TV in a world I made in the Meat horizon app on oculus I see from the venue I can go into rooms and a movie is playing is it a code or a way I can put something like that in my world I ...

RenderDoc - Crash while capturing

Hi!Everytime i try to capture a frame using RenderDoc, the application running on the headset crashes and renderdoc produces no capture. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. I'm wondering if there's a fix so i can use renderdoc reliably....

Next Renderdoc version

The Renderdoc version right after the one your fork is based on has significant changes to enable source-debugging for Vulkan shaders. That sounds like a big productivity win for us and presumably many other developers. Do you have a timeline for the...

Include device head/hand tracking into the oculus profiler

Hi,I work in the research industry and, to conduct VR experiments it is important to log the device's input systems position/orientation. This helps to study user behavior and possible correlations between these data and device metrics (CPU,GPU, etc)...

Hicest by Level 2
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Botón trasmitir

Hola, me ha desaparecido de la barra del menú el icono de trasmitir, que salía una flecha, ¿como hago para recuperarlo?

Oculus Platform Command Line Utility for Linux

At the moment "Oculus Platform Command Line Utility" is only provided for Mac and Windows.Any chance of providing a linux build?I am trying to setup CI instance in AWS, and this ( being able to upload builds ) is one of the last things to get working...

Oculus Developer Hub can't find headset

Hi,ODH can't find my headset..Works with the OculusClient without any problems and detects the headset instantly..Latest ADB is installedDeveoper mode is enabled..In the docs, it says when connected to PC, you should get a message in headset to conne...

instagram two-factor dont work

My Instagram account was blocked due to 2-step verificationI have many photos of myself in my account, both in the post and in the highlight, which I will send to youNo matter what I do, my selfie is not accepted !!!!

Design System

flipping through the developer sections for a second now and I see that there is a quick section detailing UI and what the developers have found best to work. what I don't see within the 'User Interface Components' of the 'Immersive VR Apps' is a des...

Oculus Mirror problem.

I tried to use the Oculus mirror tool in order to capture gaming video using Nvidia Shadow play (which will record the uppermost open desk-top window easily) and Oculus Link (of which I have had no problems with, so far).I had no problem recording th...

Cast Device and Record Video don't work in ODH 2.7.2

Is it just me or someone else also face with this ?I can do screenshot from ODH, but not Record Video and Cast Device.Here is the screen shot of error when I try to cast device using ODH, although casting over the web via


Meta Custom Developer Software

It seems like That Meta has gotten to other software companys such as Unity or Unreal reliance for people to create a game that Meta should create their own software to make an easy-to-use way to become a developer in the Metaverse. Meta could make a...

Ace3008 by Level 2
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ODH 2.1 performance alalyzer can't work with Oculus 2

I just updated ODH 2.1.1 and after connecting my Oculus device, the Performance analyzer is not able to collect performance data. The device is connected normally Using perfetto can be collected normally, but the frame per second index of the app can...

feishu_0-1644831483148.png feishu_1-1644831537316.png
feishu by Level 2
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can I get help with meta developer hub?

I cannot get my quest pro to cast with it. I can get it to install the diagnostic tool and I can get it to do link and air link from the hub and for some reason it will even record two eyes but it will not cast someone from support please help me? is...

Compra na conta errada

Comprei um complemento de um jogo q eu não jogo, achando q ami ha filha poderia usar na conta dela. Gostaria de tranferir esse complemento para conta dela. Como transferir esse complemento para conta dela?

App Lab Submission Approval

Hi, I previously uploaded an app on App Lab. It got flagged on one of the tests. Essentially, the test assumes I'm making a certain type of app. The app I uploaded is not of that type. The approval team and I spoke and got it resolved. It took over a...