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Passthrough API - Request for Developer Feedback

Mixed Reality is an exciting frontier for Oculus and developers are key to bringing new and robust MR experiences to the ecosystem. We want to understand the value that our recently released Passthrough API is providing for you, how we could improve ...

Ongoing Cloud Storage Issues

EDIT 10/29: We announced a new version of cloud storage called Cloud Backup which will release later this year. Please see our announcement blog post and our FAQ. More documentation will be shared closer to the feature's release. We recommend all dev...

Zztarg by Oculus Staff
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Introducing the New Oculus Developer Center

Hi everyone, Today we launched an update to the Oculus developer site and documentation. You can read more about it in the blog post. The team hopes the new site will be fast, easier to navigate, and generally a beautiful experience. We want to hear ...

Meta Developer hub stuck in Login loop

Good morning, i am looking into getting into Meta quest 3 development. However i am having issues with the developer hub application. I have my developer account set up, and everything seems to be good. However what happens is, the app will redirect ...

fabu152_0-1717709559887.png fabu152_1-1717709566446.png fabu152_2-1717709582682.png
fabu152 by Honored Guest
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ovr metrics tool won't uninstall

Hello, I installed OVR Metrics Tool via App Lab, but after I tried to remove it, it does not want to do that and if you look at the reviews of the page, there are many people with the same problem.

Oculus Developer Hub: Nickname setting greyed out

Hey! I have succesfully enabled ADB over WiFi on my Quest 2 headsets via ODH (v2.4.0). I'd like to change their respective nicknames so I know which is which without relying on the serial number. The setting in question however is greyed out; it says...

AnAerVR by Explorer
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Beta Cast 2.0 recording from adb?

Could you make Beta Cast 2.0 recording possible to be activated via an adb command. It looks like it isn't using any adb commands to initiate the recording, although it does use adb for other things like setting the parameters, bitrate, resolution, f...

Mixed reality capture issue Quest 2

Hello, I have a Problem with MRC Tool. Inzried to Setup everything as it is discribed in thr Manual of the meta Website. I use the Quest 2, a greenscreen, a powerful PC and a Webcam. Calibration works fine. But when I Go to OBS ans want to start the ...

Brainrain by Honored Guest
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wanted: Simple co-location sample that connects players

I'd like to see an easy to understand sample using colocation. Not a bloated example with no documentation (that already exists) . I already know about this: And I can compile it using oculus fork...

macOS MQDH 4.4.1 ships with x86_64 adb

Title says it all. Current (as of this writing) revision of MQDH for macOS ships with adb built only for x86 when it should probably be a universal build like the rest of the app.Evidence from the CLI: my-fancy-prompt$ pwd /Applications/Meta Quest De...

Metrics Recording on MQDH sometimes works, sometimes not

We are doing a ton of A/B testing and I really need a dependable tool to measure GPU app times. Sometimes Metrics recording generates a CSV file with data, but most of the time nothing. I can't determine why it successful sometimes. Help!

DanaSN by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest Mixed Reality OBS needs an update!

Oculus Quest Mixed Reality OBS needs an update! I can't connect Quest2, Quest Pro using OBS because of this issue "Please verify the Quest IP adress, and if MRC-enabled game is running on Quest. Reboot the headset and re-launch the game if the issue ...

MQDH / Continue in your Browser

Hello!I am unable to login to the MQDH desktop application. I already tried the "WIN+R -"-Solution, but it did not work. I tried Edge and Chrome as default browsers.I just see a little flash in the MQDH after i click the blue Start-as-Butt...

mrbrewAT by Honored Guest
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RenderDoc - Crash while capturing

Hi!Everytime i try to capture a frame using RenderDoc, the application running on the headset crashes and renderdoc produces no capture. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. I'm wondering if there's a fix so i can use renderdoc reliably....

Resolved! Upload failed via Meta Quest Developer Hub MQDH 4.2.0

I have a game on AppLab built with Unity that was initially release about a year ago. Recently I've been trying to upload an update with minor fixes using MQDH but all I get is an "Upload Failed" message with the text "The build you were trying to up...

Beta Cast 2.0 Audio Popping

The audio for the Beta Cast 2.0 Sounds Horrible. it keeps popping. I updated my audio drivers and it did not fix it. Also it would be great if when i change to cinematic 16:9 it remembers it next time so i dont have to do it again. thanks

Ambient noise

The background noise the developers foisted on its irritated customers is mind-numbing, both to hear listening to the constant hum and that Meta didn't include a toggle or even a way to change it to something else. How is this justifiable? Is there e...

Resolved! Oculus Developer Hub Build Upload Error

I don't know what's changed but I am no longer able to upload a build to my app lab app alpha channel using Oculus Developer Hub on my desktop computer (months ago it used to work). I get the error "Build Upload Error - an error has occurred" and not...

Moardak by Explorer
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MQDH Authentication issue

For whatever reason, the Meta Quest Developer Hub will not authenticate. I click on log in with a Meta Account, which opens up my browser (I've tried with Chrome, Firefox and Edge as the default browser).I log into facebook, which then says I have a ...

OVR Metrics Tool CSV file not accessible from PC

Hello, i am using the OVR Metrics tool with a Quest 3 and Meta Developer Hub.I've recorded metrics of my game and i would like to import the CSV files in my data sheets but i can't.I can see the files, but if I try to copy the file from Quest 3 to my...

Beta Cast 2.0 display scaling issue

I've been testing the Cast 2.0 beta in the current Developer Hub version, and aside from a little bit more noticeable latency, there's just one big problem. I have a large high res primary monitor, and so for usability have the Windows display scalin...

Jmander by Honored Guest
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Meta XR Simulator - Record/Replay feedback

Hi,I'm trying to use the simulator to do a simple automation of certain tests in my project and find the experience a bit lacking.1. First big thing is that I would really love to be able to record inputs directly from my Quest connected through Link...

golonko by Honored Guest
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Test users stoped working v59

We are developing a colocation game for quest3 and some off them start updating to version 59.The users assign to those quest3 can´t loggin getting 0 as userId and OCApiEXception with the code 190 when requesting the user proof.We factory reset some ...

Clawback API

Is there any method I can retrieve players' items status? From a developer perspective, I want to know why items from players are gone. There is an API to retrieve a list of items that the user owned (Retrieve Items Owned - https://developer.oculus.c...