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can I get help with meta developer hub?

Level 2

I cannot get my quest pro to cast with it. I can get it to install the diagnostic tool and I can get it to do link and air link from the hub and for some reason it will even record two eyes but it will not cast someone from support please help me? is there a number I can call if I have to? thank you so much I really hope I can get this figured out asap because I would like to make some vr content with my 4090 but side quest isnt cutting it with that strange slant. thanks!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

What's up, @joetothefutVRe! Meta Quest does not fully support the 4090 graphics card yet. So that may be why it's not working properly.

If you want to get in contact with an agent to help you out further, you can reach them here!