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ovr-platform-util.exe "A server error occurred". Memory leak detected and more...

Level 4

We can't upload a build to the store because we receive "A server error occurred" with the ovr-platform-util command line. There's no additional information other than a message to perform a self-update, even though it reports the version is up to date. Is there any quality control for this product? I hope you're not taking the Intel Realsense path because we're investing time to develop for it, and the experience has been highly frustrating.


Product quality concerns aside, we need to know what the solution is?


1) The Oculus Developer Hub doesn't seem to have a way of uploading APK files to the AppStore


2) The developer dashboard tells me web uploading is disabled, then gives me an example command-line for a Rift app, not APK. But I figured out the command-line syntax with no help from the oculus support website.


3) Locating the app id and app secret are impossible to find on the Oculus developer dashboard because they only get displayed when an APK has been uploaded. So how are people finding those values? I found mine by the message example on the disabled web upload popup *ugh*


4) So now we're stuck at this... 




You dropped the ball with the oculus DK and upset the community, which moved to valve's steam VR. But I assumed after all these years, you've learned a lesson with the release of the Oculus Quest 2. Everything "almost" works with it, except forgetting about developers - which should be priority one since the hardware can only support 1st gen VR-style games that ran on our phones from 2015. I digress, but you can see how frustrating this experience has been for us!


Just tell us how to upload an APK to the store, please!