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My Gear VR / Oculus Go Game: Hoppy Animals

Level 5

Thanks for providing feedback on HOPPY ANIMALS. I have been working on it since July 1, 2017 and am ready to receive early market signal from fellow VR developers. It is in Beta. Please use one of the keys below, and leave a comment on which key you are taking.

Thanks again. I look forward to your feedback. Feel free to leave your feedback either as a public comment or as a private message. It will be equally appreciated.

Hoppy Animals

Trailer on YouTube:

Hoppy Animals is a third person action adventure platformer game set in a beautiful and explorable candy world inhabited by talking animals. Characters can run, jump, attack, shoot and talk (voiced over).
Stroll by scenery made of lollipops, pudding, and ice cream cones, run on ground made of cookies, cake, and croissants, and hop on structures made of bread, chocolate, and slices of pie.
- Control with touchpad, gamepad, or Gear VR/Oculus Go Controller (A controller is not required for playing with Gear VR).
- Characters can move in 3D
- Comfortable gameplay (VR dizziness minimized)
This game will make you very glad that you own a Gear VR or an Oculus Go headset!






Please use one of the keys below, and leave a comment on which key you are taking. 



F6PEF-AN33M-YMNMA-7Q99C-3NJQ4 (taken)

REQ6T-NE7CG-XTQ69-RQQ39-C4WNG (taken)


6CQPG-69PQ3-EMWRR-XA4XK-MW79P (taken)






Feel free to leave your feedback either as a public comment or as a private message. It will be equally appreciated.


hello, I will be reviewing your game, I am a game developer also and i will use the key RQXQY-GMG63-6JG4M-7WQWA-R9MTX on the oculus go, so far I love your characters they are cute.
If you want assistance in testing for rift let me know and i will also test it with rift once you add support for its controls

I'm sorry but i cant seem to find your game on the oculus go. where may i obtain the copy for review?

Level 5
Redeem the code at this link in the Oculus site:

Then the game should show up for you.

Let me know if you have any trouble with that.

nevermind this comment i got it to download lol

oh i got it. i didnt know i have to install it from my actual phone. i figured it would show up in the go. it is installing now, thankyou. sorry i only had this go for a few days. I use the Rift more. im noob to the go.

Usability: B

Originality: A

Length of experience: A

Name assets and description: A

I gave this a b in usability. explanation of my ratings: The movement is a little confusing using the oculus remote. you have to rotate your whole body alot to keep the dog in your site and made me a bit dizzy and confused while trying to follow the dog. you should maybe make it that if they press the button with the arrow it will turn their head position so they don't get disoriented. i got dizzy within the first 5 mins doing the tutorial trying to keep the dog moving the direction i wanted him to go. looking at the dog to move around is a bit confusing and can give you a neck cramp when he gets close to you. If the movement was a little better I will buy this game. It's an amazing concept but im 37 and found it confusing to move, kids may have difficulty with using the remote to point where you want the dog to move.
maybe you could add a setting menu to make it in follow mode where the player always follows the dog. that would help make it a bit less confusing movement.

I gave an A on originality. this game is awesome, very fun, cute and could be one of my new favorite games.

I gave an A on  Length of experience. The game seems to be long enough and i could spend hours playing this
if you can make the controls for the remote a bit better.

I gave an A on the name, assets and description. The assets are so cute, they fit the game, quality is amazing, no lag issues, very cute and precise. love the double jump mechanic.

over all rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

after 30 mins my headset died so im charging it. I'm waiting to play it again. a lot of games don't catch my interest but this one does. can't wait to play it more. I have 2 friends that are twins and the girls are going to love this game.

Level 5 Thank you!

I am definitely going to modify locomotion.  I'm going to show people how use teleportation as the main method of locomotion in the next build.

Question:  Do you think I should keep gaze-at-avatar-to-move-forward as an additional method of locomotion, or just get rid of it altogether?

yea i like the gaze part. its the move by rotating your body is hard to control the dog if he goes behind you. it just can make you dizzy.i like the folow the dog part myself.