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ALPHA Release Channel "Test Status" always "Failed"

Level 3

Hi everyone. I'm finally at my wits end on this one. I've been able to successfully upload my apk to the ALPHA Release Channel, but the "Test Status" always says "Failed". However, when inspected, everything has passed. Here's what I'm looking at:




Fails, but doesn't say whyFails, but doesn't say why


Here's what I've done already:

Environment settings:

  • Unity 2020.3.40f1 (I also tried Unity 2021.3.11f1)
  • Using URP 10.10.0
  • Oculus XR Plugin 1.12.1
    • OVRPlugin to Legacy LibOVR+VRAPI
  • No OBB (it's a small game right now)
  • Addressables 1.19.19
    • All the addressables are set to local
  • Latest Oculus Integration for:
    • Oculus.Platform.Entitlements.IsUserEntitledToApplication()
    • Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser()

Thank you!


Accepted Solutions

Just cleared up for me. I imagine they got it figured out.

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Level 2

Hi, we've had our alpha available and working correctly since July 22, however we've just discovered this week that the test status has changed to failed. Like your case, when we click to see the test results, all are green ticks without any detail on what has caused the failed status.

I've assumed this whole time "failed" meant that you cannot continue. Are you still able to get the "failed" alpha to work on your quest from AppLab?

Level 2

This also started happening to me last night. All of my builds since July have been retroactively marked "failed" with no explanation and all notifications showing in green. 

EDIT: New builds are also failing before testing is even completed. 

Level 2

For me, every build in every release channel now has the failed test status.

This must have happened recently because some of the builds were already released on App Lab in 2021.

Failed Test Status.png

Level 2

Same problem

No, unfortunately the alpha is no longer working or visible via AppLab on the Quest. Oculus Dev Support have notified me that this is a known issue and they are looking into a fix.

Level 4

Same issue here.  This hit my project the day I finally submitted my game "B99" for review.  Everything said passed before and now everything says failed even though inspecting each tab says passed.  I have been waiting for a week because I was sure they are busy from the conference.  How long has everyone else been dealing with this? Been working on this port for 2 years and it kinda sucks to be stalled at the finish line.screen1.jpgscreen2.jpg

Level 3

I have the same problem guys, then everything seems to indicate that it is a bug right?

Just cleared up for me. I imagine they got it figured out.