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ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool is outputting half

Honored Guest

Hello, I use the OVR Metrics Tool to measure the performance of my project.
However, I recently (January 2024) realized that the ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool is outputting at half.

Up until some point in December 2023, I recall that the ASW FPS was outputting normally.
For example, when ASW FPS was on, it was outputting 72 fps, and when it was off, it was outputting 0 fps.
However, now it is outputting at 36 fps with ASW FPS on.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with the project.
But then I noticed that Assassin's Creed Nexus VR was also outputting half ASW FPS.
Of course, when I played in December 2023, it was outputting correctly.

This is very confusing because ASW itself seems to be working correctly.
Did something new come out in the new year?

Honored Guest

I'll attach an image for reference.

ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool in Dec 2023()



ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool(in Jan 2024 now)



Honored Guest

I confirm your finding. Have you tried with some older version of OVR Metric Tool? If the result is the same I guess this is the effect of the recent Quest soft update.