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Ability to contribute to Meta Unity XR packages?

Hi there,

Is there a way to submit pull requests to Meta's Unity XR packages, or any future plans to allow this? I'm using Meta's NPM scoped registry to install packages. I frequently run into situations where a certain class doesn't quite have the functionality I need. I will try to create a new class, have my new class inherit from the base class, and then add the functionality I want, but I end up running into permission issues frequently (private fields/functions that I'd like to be protected, virtual, etc.). This means I generally end up copying, pasting and renaming entire files and modifying them, since I don't want to modify Meta's packages directly and have difficulty updating to new versions in the future. However, this often means copying/pasting/renaming/editing many many many files due to cascading permission issues, and it gets messy very quickly and tends to be pretty time-consuming. 

If the packages were hosted on a public repo like GitHub, I would want to submit pull requests. I feel like allowing this would help everyone. It would help Meta resolve bugs and functionality issues/requests more quickly, and better understand how the end user is using their packages. It would help me and others to have cleaner projects and fewer headaches. It feels like there's this disconnect between the developers creating the Unity packages and the developers using them, and I think the ability to submit pull requests would help to bridge this gap.

If there's already a way to do this that I've somehow missed, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you'll consider my humble request for the future. Thanks!