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Addressables Loadpath in Quest 2


The project I am working on will use Addressables bundles as purchasable DLC.
But I am not finding any information on what the Addressable loadpath should be, meaning the path the app will look for after you download it from the store.


Where can I find this information? 



It's "funny" how you search for hours on end, but it's not until you actually post the question that you will find it the answer.


Disclaimer: I haven't tested it yet, but these links seem to hold the answer.

Files format and install location
Asset files can be of any format. On an Android-based platform they usually correspond to OBB files. On Rift they can be any extra content.

In contrast with the single OBB, the asset files are not renamed, and downloaded “as is” with the original file name. The destination folders for asset files are:

/sdcard/Android/obb/<package name>/ for Mobile platform
<app-folder>/ASSET_FILES/ for Rift platform

It's possible. Do a split binary build and rename the obb to what oculus wants. 1 is the version number. See oculus's docs. Install the apk and copy the obb and any bundles to Android/obb/ The addressables group Load Path should be set to sdcard/Android/obb/ Make sure you're NOT using Addressables 1.16.16. Even though it's "verified" it tries to load bundles from the Build Path instead of Load Path. It's works in 1.16.10 and 1.17.15. I think it might work in 1.16.16 if you use append hash to filename, but I haven't verified.


Hi Jepplen, 
I'm in the same boat as you were, but I still can't figure this out. I'm trying to use addressables and store them in my OBB expansion file for my quest game. Should just be local, everything should be downloaded at install time.

Everything works perfectly in the editor, but when I use Split Application Binary and make a build, it can't find my files. My addressables definitely build, I can see that my OBB file is 3x the size of my APK, and when I convert it to a zip and open it, I can see the files are there.  I made sure to name the OBB file correctly and put it into the correct folder in the quest's file directory.

The error I get when trying to load a scene is RemoteProviderException : TextDataProvider: unable to load from url : jar:file:///data/app/com... etc


I'm using Unity 2019.4.32 and Addressables 1.18.19

Any help would be extremely appreciated!



So I ended up not using this 😄 

The reason is due to my use of needing several downloadable packages. This works out of the box with Unity and Addressables, but the problem is you need to (as far as I understand) include the packages in the APK/OBB and then you can add the packages as DLC, making it double the trouble and double the space, not to mention the user has already downloaded all the expansions on install. Not very optimal, and in my case not an option.


Now for the good news 😊 a very helpful man named LuGus-Jan over at Unity forums created a solution with multiple addressable catalogs that works fantastic.



My post with some info and trials and errors:

Original thread with loads of info:

Repo with instructions here:


Looking at your error message and my first post in the first link above, it seems we had the same issue?

You can try the method above even if you don't need use DLC, it will still get the job done I think.

If not, perhaps you will come to a better understanding of what your problem is and how to solve it.