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After Quest 2 HMD goes to sleep while running my app, scene is offset when HMD awakes

Honored Guest

My application is built using Unity 2020.3.36 and Oculus XR plugin 1.12.0

When my app is running if remove the HMD and the HMD goes to sleep, when I put the HMD back on the HMD wakes up and the app resumes, but the camera view is offset from where it was when I took the HMD off. There is no way to correct this without restarting the device. 

Is there a setting in the OVRCameraRig or some api for forcing my rig to update to new tracking coordinates when it it resumes? What else could be the cause of this?


Why, oh why did Oculus/Meta decide that device recenter on the Quest should not be accessible through code? users are expected to know how to use the hold down Oculus button functionality. grr.


This apparently used to work but not tried it recently. some posts mention that it may have become deprecated:


and this may also be worth a try: