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Aggressive shader stripping when using Strip Unused Shaders

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Hey all,

I've tried several times to enable the shader stripping option in the platform tool, as my build times are horrendous.

It does perform shader stripping, but it seems to be too aggressive, as the build is entirely pink, missing shaders everywhere.
Anything I can do to fix this?

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Addendum: I am using 2018.4.12 LTS (Moving to 2019 LTS soon) and am on the latest 17.0 SDK.

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Can you double check you're using OVRPlugin 1.49 that comes with SDK 17?

...because they took away shader stripping in that version of the OVR Platform Tool GUI.  I came here looking for it!

If I start a new project with SDK 16 that has OVRPlugin 1.48, I can still do it.

(I'm working on Unity 209.3.15)

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Whoa, yeah. I'm a dummy. I must have updated out of frustration and posted without thinking. Apologies for the confusion.

It is gone for me too. I guess it wasn't ready yet!