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All materials broken after converting to URP

Expert Protege

Hi there, I am attempting to upgrade my Unity 2022.3.27f1 project from using the Built-In Render Pipeline to the Universal Render Pipeline (UPM v14.0.11). I am building a Mixed Reality project for Quest 3 with the All-In-One SDK making use of Passthrough, Scene, Depth, and Interaction. In Editor everything looks good, but when I build to the headset every single material is the broken/missing pink error color. Even the app splash screen that just shows the title card texture, and Unity's conversion of the BIRP 2D UI material for e.g. HUD sprites.

As far as I can tell, I've done everything necessary to make the switch. I did the basics of setup i.e. installing the Universal RP package, creating a pipeline asset and setting it in the project settings everywhere necessary, running the auto-material converter, even going into that little conversion wizard and doing all the initialization and conversion. I've re-checked the Project Setup tool from the SDK to make sure all my settings are correct. I added my primary shader graph shaders to the list of always included shaders. Nothing is working. Something feels fundamentally broken since e.g. it won't even show the app splash screen correctly.

Is there something I have missed? Is there just a compatibility issue that I don't know about?

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!