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All my Rigidbodies( with colliders) are sliding across the ground, rotating, and moving like bugs

I'm making a Scene ready so that i can use the Oculus integration to grab and throw objects. My objects are props andi put in them basically just colliders and rigidbodies., At first i put mesh colliders on them but later i thought maybe that's what's causeing them to act weird ,so i switch to adding one or two box or sphere colliders plus the rigidbody. And currently they don't have nothing else on them. and i put them on the table and on a floor and push play to test and they just move by themselves with me doing nothing.

Anybody know where all this movement is coming from?

Before i was trying another VR system, and i thought that was the reason...but now i'm just using oculus integration and i haven't even applied it yet, all i have is The character controller and it move s and rotates. The hands, do not yet have grabbing capabilities since i'm having problems with that.  ok, please help


=Books, TVs, Mouse pads, sliding across surfaces, even suddenly falling through them..Other times rotating slowly.

and no i dont have any scripts  to animate them.


PS i use Quest 2