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Anyone know how to have a hand snap to an object in Hand Interaction 43?


Hello, I posted this on Discord on the Oculus Start group:

Hey All and thanks for your help. I am making a dental VR sim and am having some hands interaction issues. I want to use a wrench to unscrew basically a screw. Ideally you would approach the target, the wrench would snap into the screw you would unscrew it and the wrench would dislodge with the screw, all while grabbing the wrench. I could not do that so I just enabled/disabled 3 wrenches. The first with just a grab with no transformer. The locked in place wrench has a free rotate transformer and the "unscrewed" wrench doesn't have a transformer. I couldn't get snap interactable to work. But it doesn't flow as you need to grab ungrab 3 times. Thanks again! Using Unity 2021.3.8 and oculus integration 43