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Anyone using LWRP or URP for Quest?

Level 4
Anyone using Lightweight Render Pipeline or Universal Render Pipeline for Quest development? If so, what version of Unity and Oculus Integration are you using?


Level 5
We were just having that discussion on Discord today.  Looks like one person has LWRP working in Unity 2018.4.5f1.  Another has tried in 2019.1 and 2019.2 without success.

Level 4
I'm using it with 2019.2 but wouldn't recommend it. Had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it working, and every new feature I add seems to run into issues.

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I'm using 2019.2.8 with LWRP 6.9.1. It works, but it is not ready for prime time. There's a (long) discussion about the issues we're having and some solutions in this thread:

Fixed foveated rendering requires a hack to work. You can't read from the "opaque texture" in shaders, so effects like glass/water refraction won't work. But you can get good looking stuff running at 72fps on Quest.

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[that's a dupe]

Level 3
Hi everyone, someone tried URP with 2019.3b with the Quest ? 

Level 3
I tried URP with 2019.3 and Quest and got my right eye totally black.

Level 2
I am making a custom SRP optimized for use on Quest, as opposed to using Unity's pre-built ones, and had that right eye is black issue too. I think it's a bug from blitting with "BuildinRenderTextureType.CameraTarget" where it only seems to target the left eye. Getting rid of rendering to a texture and blitting it fixes the issue (and will also make FFR work since it is broken with intermediate textures atm too).

Level 2
There are usage issues in Unity Oculus LWRP, Unity 2019.13f1
After compilation, the camera in the right eye goes missing.  In Unity Editor, all cameras work.

Level 2
Right i missing is due to multipass, change to single pass to fix this in URP 2019.3