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App Freezes in Oculus Quest 2 when Loading Addressable Asset (Unity)

Level 2

I'm hitting a major blocker that's stopping our development. The problem is we are using Unity's addressable asset system to load important content for a game (a list of models, our game is a sandbox game of sorts). When we try to load the asset in the headset, the app will crash 3 seconds in or it will just completely freeze up indefinitley. It works perfectly fine if we take out a lot of models and the obb file is only 200 mb but when it is 1 gb, it will just stop working. It also works perfectly fine locally.

Any idea why this would be the case or what we can do to debug this? We've been working on this app for a year and a half and right now it feels like we are never going to publish it with this issue. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!