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App just stops running when you try to load, could it be it's over 2GB? (Oculus Go)

Honored Guest
I have an Oculus Go application that plays a panaromic/360 video. There are two MP4 video files, one is 1GB and the other is 1.25GB (each are 2-3 minutes long). If I use either one, it plays no problem, however if I try to include both files (i.e. ability to play each one in sequence), I'm not able to load the app on the Oculus Go. It just says the app as stopped running when I try to open it from the library.

In all my tests I'm side loading it via ADB. All builds are successful and I have no trouble actually loading the APKs onto the device. It's only when I try to run it on the device I get the issue.

Also, playing the two video version in the Unity Editor works as expected. I'm not sure why the Oculus Go has trouble with the application -- is it the APK size?? I was looking at other options, but tossing the videos into the Resources folder doesn't solve the issue, and I read StreamingAssets doesn't work on Android.

The project involves several Oculus Gos and on a local network (but no internet access). I'd prefer to have all the material on the headset, i.e. not downloading off of a server every time a user has to use it. The videos won't change or need to be updated, after the app is loaded on the device.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas? I'm stumped.