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Application Space Warp for Unity OpenXR

Honored Guest

We as developers absolutely need  the Application Space Warp feature for Unity's Open XR Provider.

Currently the only way to activate ASW after all prerequisites are installed is by using Unity's Oculus Plugin and enabling it under in the config.

But we should be able to also enable it with Unity's Open XR Plugin. 

Unitys Oculus Plugin lacks many critical features like hand tracking and passthrough. Sure you could implement these features, by using the meta sdk but that would also mean that you are tied to using the OVR Rig components etc. and not the Unity XR Toolkit. 


I have been digging trying to find a way to enable app spacewarp in open xr.

So far my findings have been that when installing the Meta Core SDK, it adds a couple of features to Unitys OpenXR Plugin (foveation etc.) but not App SpaceWarp. 

I found out that the MetaXRFeature for Unitys OpenXR already includes the XR_FB_space_warp extension to be initialized on launch. 

But I have not been able to find a way to actually activate the feature. Using the OVRManager.SetSpaceWarp(true) does not do anything, as it relies on the OculusXRPlugin somewhere along the function. 


If anybody knows how to enable App SpaceWarp, please let me know as I am all out of ideas.


Also I find it quite bad, that things like the fact that the MetaXR Core SDK installs features to Unitys OpenXR are not documented anywhere. The entire Unity OpenXR and Oculus SDK are in general pretty lacking and unstable. It makes the process of developing for the quest unnecessary hard.