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Attached xbox controller getting drift when launched from Oculus store

Honored Guest
OVRPlugin v 1.38.0

When running our Unity client from the Oculus store with an Xbox controller attached, the controller appears to be showing drift.  This is causing our input selection to ping pong back and forth from touch controller to xbox controller.  We are already accounting for dead zones.  What is very troubling is the app only has this behavior when launched from the store.  Launching standalone or on other pc platforms does not have the issue.  I have also forced calling OVRInput.Get instead of UnityEngine.Input.GetAxis in the development standalone case and it doesn't have the issue.  Just through the store.  Given that publishing to the store to try to debug this issue is going to be very difficult to iterate towards a solution, I am posting early before trying much in the way of narrowing the issue, to see if there is any known issues or work arounds to try.