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Avatar Hands not showing in Built Game

Level 2
Hello Guys,
first of all i am using Unity 2020.1.13f1 with the Oculus XR Plugin Version 1.5.0.

I'm having issues with the Local Avatar Hands. When starting the game in the Unity editor everything is fine. But in the built version of the game the hand meshes don't show up, even though i can still use them normally. Now i have looked the problem up and found simular threads where the hands don't show up at all. But the fact that in my project the problem only occures in the built version really confuses me.
In my scene i am using the OVRCameraRig from Oculus Integration with a LocalAvatar as a child of the trackingspace.

If anyone has faced the same problem or knows something about it, i would appreciate any advice. Obviously i am available for further information.