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Avatar SDK Snap Rotation stutter.


EDIT: fixed - bug caused by networking replication

Hello everyone

I am working on a VR project using Avatar SDK. I am having problems using custom input for the avatar when snap rotating, currently when snap rotating the arms stutter, even though the avatar is following the left-hand circle which is the OVRCameraRig's leftHandAnchor.

The stuttering:



pose.LeftHandPosition = Quaternion.AngleAxis(
    playerInputs.ValueRO.SnapRotation, Vector3.up) * pose.LeftHandPosition;

pose.LeftHandRotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(
    playerInputs.ValueRO.SnapRotation, Vector3.up) * pose.LeftHandRotation;



The avatar is set to follow the OVRCameraRig and the circle which is a child of the leftHandAnchor never stutters.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 102351.png

I have my suspicions I am not doing something with the AvatarSDK. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.