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Avatar2 - GpuSkinningConfiguration script makes Unity crash

Level 4

SourceMorphFormat_Crash.pngUnity 2020.3.25f1


Assets\Oculus\Avatar2\Scripts\Skinning\GpuSkinningConfiguration script makes Unity crash when I hit play.


If I remove this script, it works.


Edit: It's related to the "Source Morph Format" texture setting, it crashs when set on "Half", it's working when set on Snorm 10.


Level 5

I'm getting a similar problem except in my case the my built project is crashing soon after starting, it works fine in the editor. I know its related to the GPUSkinningConfiguration script because if I disable it the crash no longer happens. Setting Source Morph Format to Snorm 10 isn't working in my case. Do you have any advice?