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BUG: Interactible Tools Creator tools do not move with the OVR Camera Rig

Expert Protege

When trying to use the Interactibe Tools Creator tools such as Ray Tool and FingerTipPokeTool in a scene where theOVRCameraRig is not at 0,0,0 and rotation is 0,0,0, the rools are offset (they do not respect the actual worldspace position of the player). Please see attached video:



Honored Guest

we were having the same issue.

we solved it by adding this one, which is empty in the train example scene:

Screenshot 2021-07-27 132701.png

Not applicable

☝️This is almost a bug in the hand tracking implementation. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want the PointerPose parented to the tracking space, and unless you manually set this field your PointerPose will get destroyed when you transition scenes and will get left behind if you move the tracking space.