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Bug: Being logged into Oculus Home Desktop messes with social features on Oculus Quest

While developing an app that heavily taps into social features (P2P, Avatars, Rooms, Friends) we noticed that there's really strange behaviour when people are logged into Oculus Home on Desktop (with no app running, just logged in) and trying to use social features on Quest.

All of the following stop happening when people quit Oculus Home on desktop, so it seems there's something fishy going on there.
What we're seeing is:
  • rich presence state occasionally (not always) being overriden to "None" from Oculus Home after setting it to something on Quest
  • people being able to enter rooms but immediately being partially kicked out again (P2P connection stays active, but avatars break, and there's a "Room Leave" message sent by the platform to other users)
  • avatars appearing for a few seconds just to freeze again (so the reverse of the above - person is still "in room" according to the Platform API but P2P packets are blocked)
Note that "having Oculus home open with the same account as on Quest" is a very usual case when developing for Quest; you're literally testing your app on Desktop (in our case through Unity Editor), and then building to Quest to test on device. Currently this very flow is super broken when using social features.

Is this known? Are there plans to make this more smooth? We'd really like to use the Oculus Platform features, but given those instabilities and all of the platform features being so tied to the user account instead of the device, we might have to use Normcore or others just for stability reasons.

Note that this is also related to Closing Oculus app kills all running Unity Editor instances which makes this even worse, as it means after building to Quest we have to sh