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CRITICAL bug - entitlement check fails in local builds

Level 3
  • Add test user account to release channel on app dashboard
  • Sign in to Oculus Home with test user account
  • Download and run the app
  • Create a new build of the app in Unity
  • Run the newly created .exe
  • Expected: the entitlement check succeeds
  • Actual: the entitlement check fails with error OVR76444553
It was working correctly until yesterday. The same thing happens with several user accounts. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Oculus software.

This is a CRITICAL problem which is preventing us from developing our app. Please help!!

Attached: logs from OculusLogGatherer.

Level 3
Note that this is also happening for me with some real accounts - not just test accounts.

Not applicable
Any luck with this? Having the same problem with our Rift build