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Can Oculus on PC not play 60fps videos smoothly?

Level 2
I'm building a Unity app that plays back 180 degree top/bottom stereoscopic 1920x3840 VR 60fpsvideo. 

I can get very smooth playback on Go and Quest with H.265 @ 31Mbs with Unity's default Video Player.

I can't however get smooth playback on PC...

I'm attempting with the following codecs:
H264 @ 75Mbs, 50Mbs, 25Mbs, 12Mbs
H265 @ 31Mbs
VP9 @22Mbs, 12Mbs

I've tried the following players:
- Unity Video Player
- Unversal Media Player
With these players I seem unable to determine if any hardware acceleration is taking place.

The PC I'm testing on has a RTX 2080 and an i5 8500 running Windows 10.
I'm testing with an Oculus Rift S and Quest via link.

All videos are somewhat choppy, even the lower quality ones. 

To get the playback to be smooth on the android devices, I had to set the devices refresh rate to 60 fps, the same as the videos FPS to eliminate any stuttering. It seems however you cannot change the fps on Rift, Rift S or Quest Link which run at 90, 80 and 72 fps respectively.

Is there any way to sync up the refresh rate with the fps on PC or is there something else I'm supposed to be doing for smooth playback? How does other software achieve it?

Level 2
I want to drill down and elaborate...

It seems 60fps VR video cannot be played smoothly on PC because the refresh rate is not 60 on any PC Oculus device. 

If, say, on the Rift S; 20 out of 80 refreshes of the display render the same video frame, the user will perceive judder. 

Is there no way to playback 60fps video smoothly with PC VR?

Level 5
I doubt you can play it 100% smootly on Go or Quest either.
Please check my very simple scrolling file here and write back the result: