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Can't get SDK examples because my account "does not grant permission to use the package"

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I saw something similar happening to another user but with the All-in-One SDK. Not sure if it's happening also with other packages, and I can't confirm that the All-in-One is also failing on my side since I got it some days ago with no issues. I tried directly installing the package by com.meta.xr.sdk.interaction.ovr.samples with no luck at all. Same error.


I just noticed the same. I started an empty project and was able to install the all-in-one sdk (which is actually still on version 64.0.0) but when I tried to install the Interaction SDK OVR Samples I got this access denied error. This one is on 65.0.0

I am quite sure I have installed the samples earlier in another project.


I can see you posted on my post ( the one JoJue just linked to )  one of the meta team posted they are looking into it..  although sounds like my very manual workaround didn't help, maybe what they are looking at may resolve it..  or maybe worth linking this post in a comment of mine so ( if i recall their name bibbigwhale )  sees its slightly wider than just the "all-in-one"  issue.