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Can't sync Unity "play-mode" with Oculus Quest 2 for developing/testing

Level 2

I am entering the first stages of becoming a VR developer, and I am currently stuck on a very important aspect of the development process.

I followed this tutorial (google this: Developing for VR with Quest 2 & Unity for the First Time) on Unity version: 2020.2.3f1, using a new Quest 2.

I reached the end successfully and I was able to see my Scene and red laser hands in my headset! Very exciting for me. However, this only works when I "Build and run", which is a very tedious development strategy when working on a project and ensuring it works every step of the way. So I would like to be able to click the play button in the editor and have my scene "play" on my headset, however it doesn't appear to be so simple. Basically I have no idea how to implement this important aspect of development. I have the oculus app on my phone, Oculus desktop on my computer, but I can't find any clear instructions on how to click play in the unity editor and have it magically appear in my headset (like it does when I build and run).

Any advice or links to good resources would be highly highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Level 2
Upvoting this request. I've been doing Oculus Quest 2 development for a few months now and although I am making progress, the developer workflow is difficult right now. 

Learning how to use adb and then calling adb logcat -s "Unity" has been helpful in that at least I can see console out put with the headset on. Maybe this will help you in the meantime.

I really hope supporting this is on someone's backlog at Oculus.