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Chroma keying with Oculus quest pro passthorugh


The pro passthrough captures color, I wanted to know if there is a way to map all the green to be Unity scene, similiar to varjo XR 3 chroma keying (, it doesn't have to be as good or professional as this one. Any ideas? Maybe how to apply shaders to the oculus quest pro camera?


Honored Guest

I'm also interested in this concept, primarely for flight sim use with a real cockpit. Let me know if you made any progress with this 🙂

More than 2 months. No progress, Oculus doesn't have this feature and blocks access to the camera. So as developers we cannot work on a green screen filter or something similar. The only alternative is Varjo, but is too expensive, and there is also ZED mini, but is really bad

Expert Protege

I also am trying to figure this out also, just asked about it here, anyone know a way to do this?