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Controllers disappear when the HMD is unmounted and then mounted in the Windows build.


In the Windows standalone build, the controller and hand tracking will not function if the HMD is unmounted and then mounted.


The detailed situation is as follows.

  • When I put on the HMD and start the game, I don't have any problems at first; it plays fine until I remove the HMD.
  • If you remove the HMD during a game, wait a moment, and then put it back on, the controller and hand tracking will not function.
  • With the HMD removed, a slight movement of the mouse on the PC will restore the controller and hand tracking.
    • At this time, the camera position becomes (0, 0, 0) on the PC screen and stops tracking the HMD position.
  • - The above problem does not occur in APK builds.
  • - This does not occur when I press the play button in the Unity editor and check on the actual device using Oculus Link.

- Oculus application: 38.0
- Oculus Quest2: 38.0
- Unity: 2021.2.7f1
- Oculus Integration: 38.0
- MRTK: 2.7.3


I do not see the key to solution at all and would appreciate your listing it if it is what, or it may seem to be revealed as it is enough even for seeming to become the hint.


Honored Guest

I'm having the same issue. Were you able to find a solution?


Any solution for this??


I have the same issue, controllers are not tracked on Unity build after HMD is unmounted and mounted again.
I have a blank project with issue if this help.
Any solution?


I have exact same issue. Is there any solution for this?

This issue was reported here to Unity:
Unity Issue Tracker - [OculusXR] Controllers are not being tracked immediately after waking up HMD i...


You can vote up on the issue to make the Unity team to pay attention to this issue.