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Debugging with Unity and the Quest

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Does the Quest connect to Unity for debugging via the USB cable? Or do you have to create the build and load it onto the Quest for testing. I found how to connect Unity with the Rift, but have not seen any info on doing this with the Quest.  

Level 5
Just like the Go, the Quest cannot connect to Unity for running in the editor's play mode. Rift is the only headset that supports this, currently.

I've love to see a remote app added like they have for Android. Even if it's very low resolution with high latency, it beats having to compile to the device constantly to check the tiniest changes.

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Thanks for the information, very helpful

Level 2
What about having to simulate controllers/hand tracking within unity? I'm able to play my scene on Unity and move the camera manually along with other objects. However, in case I'm adding a functionality with controllers or hands, Is there any way to run this whenever I hit on Play within Unity?